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    Complex of services for risks reduction and profitability increase

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  • Consultations on issues of accounting and financial statements

  • Consultations on issues of taxation, including organization of tax accounting and tax statements

  • Preparation of Tax Returns on property status and income

  • Consultations on issues of organization and improvement of internal control system

  • Consultations on IT technologies

  • Consulting on issues regarding government relations

For over 19 years Consulting Ltd renders consulting services in the field of accounting, taxation and tax planning. We provide best decisions in complicated situations. Our company is always ready to assist your business with professional advices and consultations.

Accounting and tax consultations are simple and understandable answers to your questions related to accounting and taxation. You may order one-time consultations or consultations on a permanent basis (subscriber-based consulting services).

When accounting and tax consultations are needed?

When you do not know or are not sure how to apply legislation regulations correctly or want to avoid problems with tax authorities and contractors.


We provide you with a clear and detailed answer to any question with reference to regulations and arbitration practice. Consulting services are provided orally and for written requests our experts prepare answers in writing.

Tax planning includes consulting services on organization of taxation system allowing to achieve maximum financial result at minimum expenses.

When tax planning is needed?

When establishing new business or new business direction it is necessary to choose optimal taxation system, organization form, etc.


As a result of tax planning activities we provide our clients with written recommendations on choice of ownership type, taxation system, etc.

Subscriber-based consulting services include consulting on issues of accounting and tax accounting within the reporting period and ensure accuracy of accounting and determination of tax bases, allow to prevent taxes overpayment, as well as undesirable conflicts with supervisory authorities and to avoid expenses for errors elimination.

On issues regarding accounting and tax consultations cost please:

Сontact us by phone: +38 (044) 569 15 62 (Audit Department), or fill in the application on our web-site.