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Evaluation activity in market economy is one of the key elements of property relations.

Independent evaluation of immovable property, business and other objects provides information database for decision-making by the management.

Evaluation is an arranged process of determination of fair value (market or other value) of the object for its effective management and administration.

Evaluation is the process of:

  • value determination;

  • a detailed analysis, which includes information on object under evaluation, on market as a whole and in the terms of a certain segment;

  • calculations based on the simultaneous consideration of many quantitative and qualitative social, political, economic and technical factors;

  • and as a result, preparation of a written report.

The company currently employs 12 appraisers who have qualification certificates with the right to assess different types of property.

Our experts assist you in appraisal of:

  • Immovable property;

  • Land and land plots;

  • Integral property complexes;

  • Assets of construction in progress;

  • Intellectual property rights and intangible assets;

  • Vehicles;

  • Special equipment;

  • Residential premises;

  • Business.