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Commodity and auto expertise

Commodity expertise (manufactured products):

  • Classification of goods into categories agreed in industrial trading field (type, sort, stock number, brand, model, size, completeness etc.);

  • Determination of qualitative changes in market products (changes of manufacturing nature; those that appeared during transportation, storage, exploitation);

  • Determination of production method of market products (industrial, homemade, company-producer, country-producer);

  • Determination of market products value, including with partial loss of its commercial qualities (depreciation and damage from external factors influence);

  • Determination of conformity of packing and transportation, conditions and term of market products storage with the current requirements.

Commodity and auto expertise:

  • Determination of moral damage after car accident;

  • Determination of depreciated book value of a car;

  • Legal support of vehicle expertise during all types of procedural order;

  • Conduction of forensic vehicle expertise during. all types of procedural order;

  • Examination and identification of documents, determination of vehicles production year;

  • Program support of calculations of vehicle examinations.